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Hair artists and clients alike can now discover a new type of hold as the OSiS+ Session Label brand welcomes a new styling hero to its portfolio: OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net.


OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net is a super concentrated hairspray that dries in an instant but stays malleable. This innovative new generation hairspray allows hair to be brushed through, whilst still holding its shape – perfect for hairdressers wanting to achieve the ultimate in invisible styling.


For a flexible yet durable hold – with an ultra-long-lasting memory effect – the clever spray system disperses the highly-concentrated formula onto the hair in a unique way for a completely new type of hold. Microscopic droplets of hairspray dry in an instant forming an extremely fine and flexible net on the hair for durable control. Plus, thanks to the concentrated formula, less product is needed to achieve the same hold compared to a conventional hairspray.


“The thing that makes OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net AMAZING is the application; when you apply the product it's very lightweight... it dries instantly with a super dry texture. It's also flexible, so when you brush the hair out you can easily remould the shape...”


– Schwarzkopf Professional Global Session Ambassador, Tyler Johnston


Check out the styling potential of OSiS+ Session Label Memory Net today!

OSiS+ Session Label Memory Net
IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Lucid Nocturnes


2018 has been the year of co-labs for Schwarzkopf Professional! After opening the doors to our IGORA ROYAL colour labs, we've already seen two amazing IGORA #RoyalTakeOver collaborations – Dusted Rouge and Disheveled Nudes.


Now it's time for Schwarzkopf Professional North American Colour Director, Rossa Jurenas (@rossajurenas) and Californian colour-trendsetter, Linh Phan (@Bescene) to take back the night with their seductive Lucid Nocturnes tones.


Lucid Nocturnes is a collection of six deep and seductive, highly-pigmented, midnight shades with a punky twist and radiant finish. The combined creative influence from both Rossa Jurenas and Linh Phan have paved the way for a modern take on darker tones with gothic nuances and vibrant contrasts.


Delve into the Lucid Nocturnes shade collection and get inspired by our latest edgy collaboration from the colour lab!


All eyes are on the brand new hair and fashion trends from Schwarzkopf Professional's 2:2018 Essential Looks Collection; this season is all about the individual as Schwarzkopf Professional celebrates your YOUniverse in a special MAKEOVER edition…


Thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s collaboration with Global Influencers and International Hair Gurus – combined with a stripped-back, digital-first approach – this Essential Looks collection is truly REdefining the way hairdressers and their clients interact with the latest hair and fashion trends.


This season's collection showcases six stunning looks across three on-point trends:


#globaltribe is all about showcasing the individual – think global natives meets eastern influences with a folklore twist.


#newformal is a contemporary take on power dressing and strict styling, with oversized silhouettes, block colouring and precision cutting.


#lucidnocturnes continues the power of the co-lab, as two more industry trend-setters give their take on seductive midnight colours that shine through the night.


It’s time to explore your YOUniverse with the #REdefining YOU Collection!

Essential Looks
BC Fibre Clinix


BC Fibre Clinix answers the need for a totally customisable salon-exclusive regime that targets all hair types. The Triple Bonding and C21 Technology within BC Fibre Clinix, combined with a new range of hyper-customisable Boosters, allows hairdressers to create bespoke, tailor-made salon services for their clients.


Hairdressers can easily CLEANSE, TREAT and BOOST their client's hair, to fundamentally transform the hair fibre back to perfectly healthy virgin properties*.


CLEANSE with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo
A gentle, yet effective cleansing shampoo for all hair types that prepares the hair structure for a personalised BC Fibre Clinix Treatment.


TREAT with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment for coarse or fine hair
A choice of two BC Fibre Clinix treatments that reconnect the inner hair structure for improved resilience and strength, whilst sealing the outer hair structure for better manageability and shine.


BOOST with a choice of BC Fibre Clinix Boosters
Developed with BC Bonacure’s unique concentrated skincare-inspired technology, each BC Fibre Clinix Booster is mixed with the relevant BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment to create customised care that targets inner and outer hair damage for specific hair needs.


The new generation of bonding technology in BC Fibre Clinix increases elasticity and resilience, for hair that is up to 10x stronger** – meaning that hairdressers and clients alike can continue to #BelieveinConfidence!


*Biophysical combing tests if medium bleached hair vs. virgin hair
**vs. untreated hair


Essential Looks is looking firmly towards the future in the 1:2018 trend collection: REinventing Hair. This season, we’re bringing to life 120 years of expertise across four brand new trends that REinvent, REimagine and REinspire hair:


RANDOM REBEL celebrates self-expression, the cultural outside and the rebellious maverick.


REAL ME embraces the authentic, showcasing real-life – just dialled up a notch – in every shade of natural.


BEYOND BORDERS blends our global status – a new generation of multi-culture where attitude is everything and no rules rule.


IGORA #RoyalTakeOver celebrates co-created looks, developed by international influencers and the world’s leading colourists.


International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis describes the collection:


"In our industry, we’re all continuously REinventing hair in every dimension, that’s the only way to thrive and grow. At Schwarzkopf Professional it’s our mission, today and every day. We’re always inspiring, creating and always dreaming big, which is why we’re so excited to share this season’s REinventing Hair Collection with you... It’s a fast, furious, brand-new world, and we’re right there, pinning down the trends that really matter!”


Take a minute to check out our REinventing Hair Collection

Essential Looks
BC Bonacure Microsite


It’s time to discover the new BC Bonacure range and explore the dedicated BC Bonacure website.


Delve into the world of Hair Care and find the perfect treatments, customised for every hair type. With breakthrough Micellar Technology, this new range, containing skincare-inspired ingredients, will give you the confidence to look and feel beautiful.


Meet our four influential social stars, as they share their haircare secrets and dilemmas, and test out the latest BC products. Caroline Silta, Alexandra Pereira, Sendi Skopliak and Juli Mery give us their insights on what beauty means to them and why their hair gives them confidence.


So what are you waiting for, check out the BC Bonacure website today!


We’re lifting the lid on voluminous hair with the launch of OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER: a new range of mousses that allow hairdressers and their clients to create durably beautiful and bespoke volume looks!


Continuing to stay one step ahead of emerging viral trends, the latest look-based styling collection from OSiS+ means that the biggest volume trends are easy to achieve.


Using the three high-performing, state-of-the-art mousses, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Styling Ambassador Richard Ashforth has created three new looks to reflect the versatility of the range:

  • Quiffed – with OSiS+ Grip: Create massive volume and glamorous high-hold looks
  • Glunge – with OSiS+ Fab Foam: A classic hold mousse for texturised results
  • Freeflow – with OSiS+ Topped Up: Perfect for creating natural-looking volume

“Volume is a great way to make a statement, whether minimal and smooth, natural and free-flowing or something bigger and bolder. The OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER product range delivers volume in every form, to suit every possible taste!” – Richard Ashforth


Be inspired to go higher, and discover the OSiS+ MADE TO GO HIGHER range today!

OSiS+ Made to go Higher
IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Disheveled Nudes


Throughout 2018, the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver sees three of the most inspiring digital hairdressing influencers team-up with three of the world's leading session colourists. In January, the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver bought us DUSTED ROUGE, where UK-based, Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison and Brazilian Colour Specialist, Jean Philippe Santos joined forces to re-invent reds.


Now the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver co-creation story continues with DISHEVELED NUDES; a collection of new nude tones that push the powdery colour palette to the edge by adding contrast and character…


DISHEVELED NUDES has been co-created by Australian-based, International Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador, Matt Clements and Spanish Colour Visionnaire and member of X-Presion Creativos, Jorge Cáncer. Their combined inspiration and creative process allowed them to develop a new take on nude tones: vanguard nuances with tarnished blues and greens full of character keep the shades strong and edgy, yet still soft at the same time… a perfect take on the modern nude.


Discover the inspirational looks created with the DISHEVELED NUDES shades today!


The daily pressures of life can have a negative effect on physical and mental well-being, leading to stress, headaches and fatigue. More and more, individuals are turning to the healing power of Essential Oils to balance the mind, body and spirit. To offer an oasis of harmony away from everyday stresses we have launched our new premium hair care brand powered by oils, Oil Ultime.


Inspired by modern aromatherapy, Oil Ultime has been developed with precious Essential Oils as well as 100% natural, purified oils to REbalance and REilluminate hair, scalp and mind.


The in-salon Harmony Ceremony is a sensorial journey based on aromatherapy that combines Essential Oils with an exfoliating scalp massage to beautify hair and balance the mind.


Each in-salon ceremony is combined with the Oil Ultime Oil-In-Scrub, which contains luxurious Lotus Flower Extract and precious Argan Shell particles to remove impurities and release clogged up pores.


For beauty that radiates from the inside out, hair is then cleansed and beautified with high-performing, yet lightweight oil formulas for either fine to medium hair (Oil Ultime Marula & Rose Oil range) or medium to coarse hair (Oil Ultime Argan & Barbary Fig Oil range).


Finally, as a finishing touch, a complementary Oil Ultime Finishing Oil is selected to complete the service, leaving hair illuminated with radiant shine and sublime softness.


Find your inner and outer beauty with Oil Ultime today.

Oil Ultime
BC Bonacure




BC Bonacure delivers beautiful hair to every client in-salon and at home, thanks to the integration of trending skincare-inspired technologies and breakthrough Micellar Technology.


BC Bonacure provides a customised approach to every hair type:

Four influential lifestyle bloggers...

...share their real-life problems and solve their hair dilemmas using the new BC range.


Explore the entire BC Bonacure range today!


With the trend for cool blonde looks showing no sign of slowing down, we understand how important it is, for both hairdressers and clients alike, to achieve and maintain a true, clear blonde – which is why we have created GOODBYE YELLOW!


GOODBYE YELLOW is our first highly-pigmented, neutralising wash. Free from SLS/SLES sulfates, GOODBYE YELLOW provides gentle cleansing and anti-yellow action with an instant tonal deposit that counteracts and neutralises underlying warm tones.


For hairdressers, GOODBYE YELLOW provides simple and quick in-salon toning services with pigmented care – ideal for neutralising, pre-toning or colour corrections. For clients, it delivers the perfect solution for at-home blonde maintenance – refreshing cool blonde looks in-between salon visits.


Discover the full benefits of GOODBYE YELLOW and explore the cooler than cool blonde looks today!

Mad About Curls & Waves


For decades, smooth, straight hair has been the look. But not anymore! Times have changed and the world is moving towards total authenticity. More than ever before, people are feeling empowered to be unique, to embrace their personality and natural beauty – it’s time to celebrate every hair texture and be Mad About Curls & Waves!


At Schwarzkopf Professional, we understand that each individual hair type has unique characteristics, from shape and density to thickness, length and condition. The right treatment, provided by a curls expert, will change the life of any girl with textured hair.


Mad About Curls & Waves is infused with cutting-edge Aquarine Complex – a combination of product-specific care ingredients that:

  • Strengthen the hair
  • Intensively moisturise
  • Provide heat protection**
  • Ensure up to 96% less breakage**
  • Ensure up to 94% less split ends**
  • Wraps every strand in a ‘care shield’ for touchable definition

What are you waiting for? Enjoy the benefits of effortless care and styling routines, both in-salon and at home by exploring the full Mad About Curls & Waves range today!


Keep up on social media via the #MadAbout #Curls #Waves hashtags.


**when used as a holistic care & style regime


IGORA ROYAL has brought hairdressers true colour in high-definition for over 50 years, but now it’s time to live life in even more colour, as we introduce the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver!


For the first time ever, three of the world’s best colourists have been paired with three industry influencers to take over the Schwarzkopf Professional colour labs. Each team will create their own unique colour creations – paving the way for true innovation and creativity.


Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison and Brazilian Colour Specialist, Jean Philippe Santos make up the first IGORA #RoyalTakeOver team – Dusted Rouge.


The Dusted Rouge collection offers an authentic, yet sophisticated take on reds, with six unpolished shades, from barely-there red hues, to deep shaded vintage tones. Discover the two new in-salon colour services which have been developed to create the key looks: Deep Rouge Extravaganza and Pastel Rouge Allure.


Explore the Dusted Rouge shade collection and check out the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver website for advice, inspiration and interviews!

IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Dusted Rouge
Schwarzkopf Professional 120


Throughout 2018, Schwarzkopf Professional will be celebrating their 120th Anniversary with a BRAND NEW campaign – REinventing Hair. Expect to see a year of inspiration as we continue to push creative boundaries and honour 120 years of pioneering hairdressing!


With innovation deeply rooted in its DNA, Schwarzkopf Professional have continued to REinvent hair over the past 120 years; holding over 7,600 patents – each one a true milestone in haircare – the company is now one of the top three professional hair care brands in the world, with a hairdresser community that stretches around the globe!


Schwarzkopf Professional co-create with the hairdresser, for the hairdresser to bring the latest products and relevant services to the market before anyone else; truly putting the customer at the centre of its business model, Schwarzkopf Professional…


…INNOVATE so that hairdressers can deliver a standout service
…INSPIRE hairdressers with the latest looks and the tools to create them
…EDUCATE through progressive hairdresser training
…CONNECT with leading influencers in the hairdressing industry
…SUPPORT the hairdresser every step of the way


2018 will be a year of pure hair REinvention with many exciting new brands and product launches, so don’t forget to follow us @schwarzkopfpro on social media, using the hashtag #120Facts!

Together #apassionforhair

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